Read Shade 3D User Interviews

Shade 3D Interviews

In 2013, Mirye Software posted four Shade 3D user interviews to the Shade 3D information site. Those interviews are back and include:

  • Interview Juan Manuel Bautista Hoepfner, architectural visualization designer, professional 3d artist and instructor
  • Interview Jürgen Schulz, professional 3d artist and animator, and creator of the Shade 3D ver 14 demo movie
  • Interview Larry Bolch, photo journalist, director and musician, and writer of fantastic Shade 3D tutorials
  • Interview Gary Huett, independent courtroom consultant and long time Shade user

Shade 3D is used in ways you might not have thought about before – check out what these experienced uses do with Shade!


Shade 3D ver 14 Manual Update 140201

Shade 3D ver 14 Manual UpdateIf you’ve been relying solely on the Shade 3D ver 14 online help, you’ll be extremely happy to know that an update was released today. Don’t be confused by the name – 140201 refers to the release date, so that you know what this version of the manual supports. This version of the manual supports Shade 3D ver 14 as it exists as of February 1, 2014.

The manual is available as a free download through the Mirye Software store. This update includes several fixes to the previous Shade 13 manual, plus an all new Chapter 13 Additional Features chapter, which covers all of the major feature improvements in Shade 3D ver 14. This manual update was translated by our secondary translator, Claire Fredricks, and proofed by the Shade Beta Team.