Updated; Download Old Versions 140422 is the official download site for Shade 3D.  Our web team made several improvements to the site over the weekend instead of hunting for Easter eggs. What makes this different from the download link over on Mirye Software?

  • repository is based on the United States; the Mirye Software repository is based in Europe. North American customers may notice some speed improvements in downloads
  • repository includes the current version of Shade 3D as well as older versions, all the way back to Shade 8.5!

You can also find Shade 3D Browser, an older viewer application for Windows on



Read Shade 3D User Interviews

Shade 3D Interviews

In 2013, Mirye Software posted four Shade 3D user interviews to the Shade 3D information site. Those interviews are back and include:

  • Interview Juan Manuel Bautista Hoepfner, architectural visualization designer, professional 3d artist and instructor
  • Interview Jürgen Schulz, professional 3d artist and animator, and creator of the Shade 3D ver 14 demo movie
  • Interview Larry Bolch, photo journalist, director and musician, and writer of fantastic Shade 3D tutorials
  • Interview Gary Huett, independent courtroom consultant and long time Shade user

Shade 3D is used in ways you might not have thought about before – check out what these experienced uses do with Shade!


Official Shade 3D Forums Now Live

With the arrival of the updated Mirye Software website, you can now find the official Shade 3D forums, including sub-forums for:  General Shade 3D Discussion, Shade 3D for Unity and Shade 10 & Earlier.

The current version of Shade 3D as of this date is Shade 3D version 14, with previous releases by Mirye Software of Shade 13 and Shade 12 also covered under the General Shade 3D Discussion forum.

Shade 3D for Unity is a free 3D product specifically for games. You get most of Shade 3D’s excellent tools for modeling, animation tools for building animated content for games and more. It is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Welcome to the New 2014 Shade 3D News!

Welcome back to the new Shade 3D News site! Shade 3D News is the official English news site for all things related to Shade 3D, the modeling, rendering and animation tool suite published by Mirye Software.

This is a welcome back because our previous website is no longer available. We will be restoring several articles and the interviews, but you’ll find some features as well on other sites.

For community talk, please visit the Shade User Group on Facebook.