The Amazing Almacan: Shade 3D & Kazuhiko Nakamura

Amazing Almacan

3D artist  Kazuhiko Nakamura just produced another new work called Mechanical Silence.  Shade 3D has long been Nakamura-san’s 3D modeling and rendering tool of choice, though he also makes considerable use of Photoshop and ZBrush in his creations. Read more about his current project.Nakamura-san just completed his newest project, Mechanical Silence.  Like his other designs, he meshes together natural forms with mechanical beauty.  Take a look at the incredible detail in this preview.

Mechanical Silence Preview

But we’ve toyed with you enough with this wonderful preview of Mechanical Silence. See the entire work plus several detail shots over on  DEVIANTART.

If you’ve ever wondered what process Nakamura-san uses to develop his concepts for a new piece of artwork, it is well worth your time to read through his Project: Zygosis entry over on 3DTotal, and how he brings together the living world and the world of architecture. He also keeps a fantastic image library on CG Society.

Project Zygosis

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