Tip: Shade 3D Subdivision & FluidRay Together

Fluidray Tips
Have you imported geometry from Shade 3D into Fluidray and ended up with some rough results? You can fix it.

Fluidray RT is a real time renderer that isn’t dependent on any specific GPU. It makes full use of your processors and cores to work its magic. In addition to natively supporting Rhino 3D and SketchUp!, it also supports Shade 3D integration.

But sometimes you may notice that Shade 3D’s mesh objects aren’t importing as smoothly as you like.

Something you may not know is that FluidRay can make use of the subdivision surface parameters, such as Catmull-Clark. To improve the smoothness of your meshes in FluidRay RT, make sure you first save your Shade 3D project with subdivision surfaces set.


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